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ETHERMA Bathroom Infrared Heating

Imagine being enveloped in comforting top to toe warmth – like walking along a sun-drenched beach – but in your bathroom? Imagine stepping into a toasty warm room every time you bath or shower? Imagine a bathroom heating system so efficient, it saves money on your energy bills? That is what ETHERMA’s innovative infrared bathroom heaters deliver.

As top bathroom retailers and designers for over thirty years, we know a thing or two about bathroom heating and nothing comes to close to the instant warmth of an ETHERMA infrared panel heater. They also look pretty amazing too!

Top ETHERMA Heating Panel and Infrared Radiator Supplier Buckinghamshire

ETHERMA infrared wall panel heaters are the ultimate in luxury bathroom heating. Unlike traditional radiators and towel heaters which warm the air, ETHERMA’s panels generate infrared waves which warm the surfaces they touch. As soon as the panel is turned on, it warms your bathroom to a comforting, constant 80°C degrees.

ETHERMA bathroom heaters deliver many advantages including:

  • Superior heating function – The slimline panels emit 100% safe ‘far infrared’ waves which warm your body, walls and furniture, creating a deeply relaxing warm feeling
  • Energy efficient – Infrared heaters are highly efficient which means you don’t need to use them for as long as conventional heaters, reducing your energy bills
  • Safe to use – Infrared heaters use ‘far infrared’ waves with no electromagnetic fields, a completely safe and natural form of heat
  • ‘Clean’ heating – Unlike radiators, infrared heaters don’t create air currents which circulate dust and debris, making them ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers    
  • Intelligent touch control – Infrared heaters instantly produce heat at the touch of a button – eliminating the need to pre-warm your bathroom – and can be controlled via smart home automation apps
  • Cost-effective to install – Infrared heaters cost less to install, are less invasive to fit (think underfloor bathroom heating!) and are cheaper to run than alternative heating systems.

ETHERMA LAVA BATH 2.0 Infrared Heaters – Designer Heating at Great Prices

As a leading Bucks ETHERMA supplier we offer a vast range of innovative heating solutions at great prices, including the latest LAVA Bath 2.0 Infrared heaters.

This breakthrough heating system is designed especially for bathrooms. As well as transforming your bathroom into a snug, spa-like setting, they are impeccably designed, bringing a luxury designer touch to your bathroom.

LAVA Bath 2.0 heaters come in a range of stylish designs, including:

LAVA BATH 2.0 Glass – A stunning glass infrared heating panel which comes in pure white, white-green and mirror finish.

The glass mirror design is perfect for combining the comfort of a heating device with a bathroom mirror. It also comes in a range of sizes from 63cm x 90cm panels for warming smaller bathrooms, to extra-large 63cm by 90cm heating panels – ideal if you’re looking for a statement radiant heater/mirror for a big bathroom.

LAVA BATH 2.0 Steel – A stylish white heating panel with a frameless design, this infrared heater looks amazing on bathroom and en suite walls. It also comes in a range of sizes from smaller to large format designs.                                                  

You can also add a matching towel rail to your ETHERMA infrared radiator, eliminating the need for a separate towel heater and ensuring toasty, warm towels every time you bath or shower.      

Come and turn up the heat for yourself! Our huge Aylesbury bathroom showroom has lots of luxury Wellness products to try, from infrared wall heaters and underfloor heating systems to jacuzzi baths and home saunas.     

Call into our showroom today, or if you have any questions, please get in touch here.