Top 5 accessible bathroom ideas for independent living

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Don’t compromise on luxury when you install an accessible bathroom

Whether you are updating your current accessible bathroom, or you are new to creating a space that you can easily move around in, it can be difficult to create a space that is both functional and luxurious. Why should you compromise on luxurious items just because you need to choose bathroom products that work for you and your accessibility? There are several important things to consider when you are upgrading your accessible bathroom including grab rails and the space you need to move around safely, but this doesn’t mean you should forget that this bathroom is yours to relax in.

This month, Aylesbury Bathroom Centre looks at different ideas to include in your accessible bathroom and other pieces of equipment that you will need to consider before renovating your space.

5 accessible bathroom ideas to give you inspiration

Wet rooms with flexible shower heads

Wet rooms are a great addition to a bathroom that needs to be accessible without being clinical. Choose from a range of showers to complement your wet room with flexible heads or two shower heads so you can have a showerhead close to you that you can control as well as one above you. Design your wet room so your shower is off to one side and you have space in the rest of your bathroom to move around comfortably. Choose from a range of tiles to support your wet room and a shower screen that works with you, not against you.

Colour schemes and decoration

Your accessible bathroom doesn’t have to be the stark white or grey that is synonymous with hospital bathrooms. Choose your colour scheme with matching floor and wall tiles or go for contrasting colours that really make your space stand out. Add plants and greenery to brighten your space and enjoy the health benefits that these plants will bring. Don’t forget to choose a mirror that is perfect for your height and design the rest of your bathroom products around this so you can reach everything you need whilst getting ready in front of the mirror.

Wall hung sinks and low cabinets

When designing your bathroom, it is important that you have space to move around freely and reach everything you need. There is no point in designing an accessible bathroom if your cupboards are out of reach and you are not able to get your chair underneath the sink to wash your hands. Consider floating sinks or wall hung sinks so you can get close to turn the taps on and low cabinets you are able to reach at all times without needing the support of someone else or risking a fall from trying to get out of reach items.

Minimalist tiles for a natural colour palette

Whether you are planning to have a wet room for an easily accessible shower, or you are going to install a walk-in bath, the colour and decoration in your bathroom is key to you feeling independent and confident whilst you are using it. Our designers have a great eye for detail and can show you a range of floor and wall tiles that are safe to use, show off your personality and protect your bathroom when you are using it. Don’t feel like you should compromise because you prefer a tile choice that isn’t in line with a typical accessible bathroom!

High contrast equipment

For those who are partially sighted or registered blind, using high contrast finishes such as taps, light switches or bathroom controls can really help with independence and confidence. If you are looking for high contrast colours that help you distinguish between different things in your bathroom, The Aylesbury Bathroom Centre is here to help.

Other accessible equipment you may want to consider

Grab rails and shower grips – If you need support to stand in your bathroom, don’t forget to include grab rails in ideal places. If you have found the grab rails for your bathroom, bring images or colour examples of these along with you to your design meeting with Aylesbury Bathroom Centre and we will do our best to match the colours so your grab rails blend into the background or choose contrasting colours so your grab rails are clearly visible.

Bathing/shower cushions – For comfort and pressure relief, take a look at some support cushions that could help you when sitting down for a long period of time, either in the bath or under the shower. Don’t let an uncomfortable seat stop you from enjoying your bathroom experience. A cushion will help you stay comfortable for longer.

Shower Seat – If you enjoy a shower but cannot stand for long, why not install a shower seat for support? When you are designing your bathroom with the team, we can take any and all considerations into the design stage so your bathroom will be designed inclusive of your extra equipment and not as an additional add on once your bathroom is finished.

Temperature controls – Give yourself control over the temperature of your shower with flexible temperature controls. You may not want to have your shower at the same temperature every day and why should you? Installing a temp control will give you the power to turn the heat up or down depending on how you are feeling.

Towel radiators – if you are used to having a shower and getting changed in your bathroom for ease and privacy, why not consider a heated towel rail that you can keep your clothes on whilst you are showering. This will keep your clothes warm and out of the way of any excess water that may escape onto the floor.

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Aylesbury Bathroom Centre will support your bathroom ideas

At the Aylesbury Bathroom Centre, our team of expert designers work with individual clients on their bathroom ideas and inspiration to create a space that is perfect for the user. By combining your ideas and the equipment you will need to consider to make your accessible bathroom practical, you can be confident that you will have a design that not only encompasses all the functions you need but a space that is tranquil. When most of us think of an accessible bathroom, we picture a dull and clunky area that you wouldn’t want to spend any time in. This image is outdated and is something Aylesbury Bathroom Centre and the team are trying to turn into history.

If you need an accessible bathroom designed and installed, look no further than the team in our local Aylesbury showroom. Visit our showroom or call us today to book your free design consultation and be surprised at just how luxurious your functional bathroom can be when you work with us.

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