Are bidets really making a comeback to the UK home?


What are bidets, and why did they go out of fashion?

What is a bidet? A bidet is a bathroom fixture that is used for personal hygiene and cleaning after using the toilet. It is a popular fixture in many European and Asian countries. A bidet is often part of a toilet and is used in addition to toilet paper. The bidet has been around since the 16th century and was first invented by a French architect. It was designed to provide a cleaner and fresher way to cleanse your rear end. But why did bidets go out of fashion?

Although bidets have been around for a long time, their popularity has been less than predicted. One of the biggest reasons why bidets have fallen out of favour is because of the invention of the toilet paper. The traditions of cleaning the rear end with dry paper has stuck, and bidets have failed to catch on. This month, Aylesbury Bathroom Centre looks at why bidets may be making a comeback in 2022 and why it might be time for you to consider installing one.

A simple guide to using bidets

In many countries, a bidet is a standard addition to any bathroom in homes, hotels and offices. Historically, bidets were a sign of wealth or royalty and were considered a luxury item to own. Italy and Portugal, in particular, have embraced the bidet culture, whilst in Japan, you will find a bidet that will even dry you afterwards. Bidets come in all shapes and sizes, which may be why they are increasing in popularity. Let’s take a look at the various types of bidets currently on offer:

  • Freestanding bidet
  • Handheld bidet
  • Built-in bidet
  • Warm water bidet

Many of us will have seen an extra ‘toilet’ in a bathroom, mainly when we are on holiday in Europe or South Asia. But how do you use a bidet when you come across one. Not to be confused with a traditional toilet; however, a bidet will be used after you have done your business. Firstly, as many types of bidets are available, we recommend turning on the nozzle or flushing to see where the water stream is coming from and how powerful it will be.

You do not need soap when using a bidet; just use the water to freshen up. Ensure your clothes are well out of the way before turning on the jets, and never use the towel that is hanging up – this is only for your hands!

Four reasons why you should consider owning a bidet

As the UK gets increasingly ‘green’ and economical, more people are questioning if their lifestyles are more economical than ecologically friendly. This has led to many people re-thinking their daily routines, and some have asked if bidets are a good idea. Below are the four most common reasons why people use bidets and consider them a great addition to their homes.


It’s no secret that the world is facing concerns at the moment with the state of our environment and its damaged future. With millions of forest trees being cut down to manufacture toilet rolls and tonnes of water being used during this process, using a bidet could prove more environmentally friendly than purchasing toilet rolls.


Much like protecting our environment, using a bidet in favour of toilet rolls could actually save you money in the long run. Quality toilet rolls are not cheap, and with the cost of living rising daily, we are all looking for alternative ways to save money on our monthly outgoings.

More hygienic

It is widely believed that water and water spray remove bacteria and debris more effectively than dry toilet paper. If you are looking for a hygienic option to clean yourself, a bidet may just be the answer you need.

Health concerns

Those with digestive disorders, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), using toilet paper to exacerbate symptoms and pain. If you can’t stand the thought of using toilet paper, why not choose a softer option like a bidet?

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