5 signs you may have a bathroom leak and how to beat it

bathroom leak

The actual cost of bathroom leaks

It can be incredibly stressful to come home and find your bathroom flooded or ruined by an undetected leak. There are many reasons why you may have a sudden bathroom leak, ranging from external temperature changes to an incorrectly fitted pipe. Bathroom leaks are surprisingly common but often go unnoticed for long periods, meaning the cost of repairing and replacing any damaged items can be pretty high. The actual cost of fixing a leak and the damage it’s done could be anywhere between £100 – £2000+ depending on where the leak is, how long it’s been left and what it has damaged.

This month, Aylesbury Bathroom Centre gives you some advice on spotting a leak in your bathroom and what to do about it when you find it. Avoid those costly bills by keeping an eye on your bathroom and spotting any concerns before it’s too late!

Five signs you may have a leak in your bathroom

Puddles or damp areas

Leaks in your bathroom are hazardous because if you don’t fix them quickly, you could be seriously injured by water. Puddles on the floor before you take a bath or shower are a sign that there is a problem. Look for damp patches on the wall, as this could indicate leaks in the pipes behind your bathroom suite.

Increased mould

None of us likes mould in our bathrooms. Not only does it look awful, but it can also be damaging to our health and wellbeing. If you experience infrequent mould in your bathroom, then chances are you may have forgotten to turn the fan on or leave the window open whilst having a shower. Mould remover is often great at getting rid of the unsightly spores. However, if your mould is increasing or seems to have appeared out of nowhere, the chances are you have a bathroom leak that needs finding and solving.

Peeling wallpaper

Gone are the days when you used to walk into a bathroom and find wallpaper covering every inch of the walls. Homeowners are now opting for modern tiles or paint to decorate. However, some homes still use wallpaper in their bathrooms, which can often identify a leak. Your wallpaper may be peeling or going mouldy. If this is the case, you may have a bathroom leak that removes the wallpaper paste and causes your decoration to fall.

Funny smells and noises

Yes, you expect the funny smells to be confined to a bathroom, but generally, your bathroom should always smell clean, thanks to the products you use to wash yourself and clean your room. If you notice any unusual smells that have no business being in a bathroom, this may be because of a leak that has gone unnoticed.

Similarly, funny noises are often expected in a bathroom, thanks to our plumbing. However, if you notice strange noises that have suddenly appeared or a dripping sound you cannot locate, you may have a bathroom leak that needs resolving.

Issues with your tiles

Our tiles play both a practical and decorative element in our bathrooms. They are the best product to use thanks to their durability, maintenance ease, and they are waterproof. If you have noticed loose or broken tiles, or the caulking in between the tiles is breaking down, you could have a bathroom leak behind your tiles that will need fixing. Tiles are expensive to repair and replace, so if you notice these issues, don’t ignore them but act on them right away to avoid a higher cost to repair!

You found the bathroom leak… now what?

No one likes to find a leak in their bathroom, but now that you know where it’s coming from, you can leap into action and get it sorted. Give your trusted plumber a call and ask them to fix the bathroom leak before any more damage can be done. Unfortunately, once your leak is fixed, you may still have some work to do to put your bathroom back to normal. Often, undetected leaks will do a lot of damage before they are found, so you may have to consider re-tiling your walls or floors and possibly installing a new bathroom suite.

We have a vast array of bathroom suites and products perfect for bathrooms of every shape and size at the Aylesbury Bathroom Centre. We understand that you will have a costly time fixing your bathroom, and that’s why we offer cost-effective pricing on all our suites and bathroom installations so you can get the bathroom you deserve.

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The Aylesbury Bathroom Centre can help you after your bathroom leak

There are many ways that water can leak into your home. It can be from a leaky pipe in the wall from your water heater, a faulty toilet, or a leaky faucet. Once you notice a leak, it is crucial to take action as soon as possible. Water damage can be very expensive and cost you a lot of money. It can cause water to damage ceilings, walls, floors, and more. The bathroom is one of the areas of the home that has the possibility of water damage since it is one of the areas that has the most water use. It is important to fix a leak as soon as you notice it.

At the Aylesbury Bathroom Centre, we pride ourselves on being able to assist our customers in achieving the perfect bathroom no matter their budget. For more information, why not pay a visit to our luxury showroom on Exchange Street to check out the beautiful bathrooms we have available?

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