Hot or cold showers? The big debate on what’s better for your health

cold showers

Why is there a debate over having hot or cold showers?

Whether you spend hours in the shower, or you are in and out as quickly as possible, we all enjoy taking five minutes away from the outside world to have some time to ourselves. There are so many benefits to taking a shower – whether you choose to do this first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Historically, a hot shower was always the go-to. A way to wash away the day’s blues, get ourselves ready for bed or be a complete pop star with the shampoo bottle. Recently, however, there has been growing popularity with the benefits of taking a cold shower, but do these outweigh the feeling of hot water on our skin?

This month, Aylesbury Bathroom Centre take a look at the benefits of hot or cold showers and which is more likely to keep us healthy and happy. We also take a look at other bathroom products you can get in your home which has great benefits.

Settling the hot or cold showers debate

Showers and baths can do a lot more than just help you to relax or make you smell better! With potential health benefits to both temperatures, let’s take a look at the benefits of hot and cold showers and how they compare to one another.

Everyone dreams of a hot shower or bath when they finish a stressful day at work. Relaxing under the hot steamy water is sure to put us in the right mood for an early night. But there are actually scientific reports that show a hot however can help your body clock get ready for bed and even sleep much more soundly. If you have been working out, the hot water can relieve tension and (if the water is powerful enough) can act as a massager for particularly difficult muscles.

The steam from a hot shower also helps to open pores, cleanse your face and even reduces flu symptoms by decongesting your nasal passages. Lastly, a hot shower can raise your oxytocin which lowers stress levels.

If you struggle to wake yourself up in the morning, a cold shower could do the trick. Just three minutes under the cold water could improve your alertness and wake your body up. If your hair and skin are looking a little dry, a cold shower will help to lock in essential oils from your skin and hair that a hot shower may have depleted.

A cold shower stimulates your cell production and can boost your immune system, aiding cold and flu-fighting. If you have seen your favourite sports stars jumping into an ice bath after a workout, they aren’t crazy. Cold showers and baths speed up muscle recovery which is perfect after an intensive exercise.

Other bathroom products that can benefit your health


Often only found in a beautiful spa, saunas have a great impact on our health – when used correctly. Benefits include weight loss, increased metabolism, stress management, sleep improvement and relaxation – to name a few. The Aylesbury Bathroom Centre has a variety of saunas perfect for any size bathroom, meaning you no longer have to book a day in the spa to reap the rewards that just 15 minutes in a sauna can give you.

Steam room

If you have a separate shower in your bathroom, installing a steam room is much easier than you may think. The experts at Aylesbury Bathroom Centre can advise you on what is possible with your current shower installation. Steam rooms, like saunas, offer huge benefits to our body and brain including improved skin health, relaxation, joint stiffness and muscle recovery.

Jacuzzi bath

Our baths have moved on from the simple set-up we may once have enjoyed in our bathrooms. Jacuzzis are now a very real element in many bathrooms and we are not surprised! One of the most obvious benefits of a jet filled tub is stress relief and muscle relaxation. But did you know that you could also improve your sleep, pain and weight loss when you spend some time in a jacuzzi bath? Browse the Aylesbury Bathroom Centre Jacuzzi range today.

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