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Shower screens vs shower curtains – which is better?

Having a good shower in your home is absolutely essential, but offering your bathroom protection and giving you some privacy is even more important. With a variety of products on the market aimed at protecting you and your bathroom whilst you shower, we have focused on shower curtains and shower screens. But which is better for your home and how do you choose?

Shower curtains are an easy way to cover up a bathroom, but they are also a lot of hassle to clean. You will often find mould and mildew builds up quickly, leaving your shower curtain looking in a sorry state. It’s far easier to throw out your shower curtain and purchase a new one, but this will end up costing you quite a lot in the long run and if you are conscious of the environment, throwing things away is not always the best solution.

Shower screens are a far better alternative than their counterparts. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be made out of many different materials. Shower screens are built to stand the test of time and are a great way of ensuring your bathroom stays dry whilst you have an amazing shower. But how do you choose the perfect shower screen for your bathroom?

Choosing the ultimate shower screen for your bathroom

Shower screens are generally made using one pane of glass that can be moved via a hinge. They are the most common choice because they provide a clean and fussy-free design that doesn’t have many nooks and crannies for mucks to build up in.

Many single panels have a frameless design for that ultimate minimalist style. These have a hinge in the centre of the screen, meaning they can be opened up in a few different ways that create easy access into your bathtub. They can work the same way as shower doors which is excellent for double panel bifold screens.

The right shower screen will depend on your bathtub size, the power of your shower and the size of your room. Shower screens come in a vast range, usually between 1,400mm and 1,500mm.

They’ll also vary in height and shape depending on what suits your needs best. The thickness of shower screens can range from 3mm to 8 mm, although the thicker, toughened screens are worth considering if you’re looking for a luxury experience. The thinner screens may feel flimsy, but they still do the job, often at a fraction of the price.

Bath shower screens are an essential addition to any bathroom, providing privacy, safety and style. shower screens come in various materials, styles and designs, allowing you to create your ideal bathroom. We offer both standard rectangular and curved shower screens and bespoke options like a C-shape screen that fits under sloping walls. Whether you need a simple, sleek design or something that stands out, we have a wide selection of shower screens to choose from.

The practical benefits of shower screens

Alongside being a great addition to any bathroom thanks to its aesthetically pleasing look, shower screens also offer a range of practical benefits:

Ease of installation

Shower screens are easy to install, and if you work with a professional, the installation process should not take long! We wouldn’t recommend attempting to fit your screen yourself unless you are confident in what you are doing. The last thing you want is to drop your shower screen and shatter the beautiful new glass.

Easy to clean and maintain

Once your shower screen is in place, it is easy to clean and maintain. Make a habit of wiping your screen down after every use using a squeegee or cloth, and purchase a good quality glass or bathroom spray to remove any watermarks.

Timeless look and design

Thanks to the simplicity of a shower screen, they will not go out of fashion as time moves on. Their sleek glass panels and subtle framework means you don’t have to update and replace your screen regularly to stay in style.

Safe for children and adults alike

If you have purchased a high-quality shower screen from a reputable company like Aylesbury Bathroom Centre, you should have no safety issues, no matter the age of the person using the shower. If you are concerned about children or elderly adults using the shower screen, opt for a bi-folding screen that you can fold away when it’s not in use.

Protect your bathroom

Finally, a shower screen is up to the job of protecting your bathroom from any water spray that may occur when you are using the shower. Although a bathroom is meant to withstand more water than usual, over time, you may notice leaks or discoloured tiles if you are not protecting your bathroom with a shower screen.

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Find your perfect shower screen at Aylesbury Bathroom Centre

At Aylesbury Bathroom Centre, we have a great range of shower screens to suit any home. We have framed and frameless shower screens, and you can choose between square, rectangular, round and oval shapes. We also have a selection of different colours and materials, so you can be sure to find something that suits your style and budget. Pay a visit to one of our Aylesbury showrooms today to find the perfect addition to your bathroom.

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