Japandi style bathrooms could be the future of bathroom renovations

Japandi style bathrooms

An introduction to Japandi style bathrooms

Whilst Japandi style bathrooms are a relatively new trend to the market, they are already creating headway and seem set to stay into the future. But what is a Japandi style bathroom, and where has the look come from? Japandi bathrooms are a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese designs. By taking the idea of ‘Hygge’ and the design concept of ‘Wabi-Sabi’, the Japandi style bathroom trend was born.

This month, the Aylesbury Bathroom Centre looks at what Japandi style bathrooms include, and we give you some ideas and inspiration to create your very own Japandi look in your own home.

How to achieve a Japandi style bathroom in your home

To really bring this fusion of design concepts to life, you must understand the crucial elements of each before running out to buy supplies for your bathroom. Joanna Thornhill, an interior designer, has explained Hygge as a state of wellbeing, a desire to be surrounded by materials and items which bring warmth and feelings of contented comfort. The Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi refers to living simply and with nature whilst finding beauty in imperfections.

Mixing these styles has created a beautiful style that encompasses simplistic earthy tones with minimalist touches of thoughtful accessories and the addition of plant life in a room. Textures are popular for bringing warmth to any space, and in a bathroom, this means fluffy warm towels and cosy bath mats.

Minimal storage is ideal for a Japandi style bathroom, so removing the clutter building up in your bathroom is time. Opt for a wooden cabinet or drawers where you can store your bathroom must-haves and remove the rest. Choosing wood will stay with those earthy tones Japandi has become famous for.

Considering your lighting is also essential for your new bathroom style. Stay away from harsh fluorescent lighting and move towards matte coloured lamps that emit a soft glow. Place them symmetrically around your bathroom to achieve the aesthetic Japandi look. This look is about gentle and straightforward concepts, so it makes sense that your lighting should also follow suit.

Japandi style bathroom ideas and inspiration


A big part of creating a Japandi style bathroom is to utilise natural colour themes throughout the room. Think of beautiful open spaces full of greens, browns and creams – this is the colour palette you will want to look towards. Use creams and natural colours on your walls through tiles or wallpaper, and keep the greens and browns to accessories and plants so you can make those added details pop within the room.


As previously mentioned, soft and comforting textures are key to this bathroom style. Opt for soft and fluffy towels, plush bath mats and beautifully coloured flannels. Having these extra soft touches in your bathroom will add a bit of luxury to your space, but it will also immediately create a relaxing room in your home where you can retreat after a long day.


Tiles are always the best option for a bathroom. Waterproof, durable and available in a vast range of styles and colours, tiles are flexible for your space and work perfectly for Japandi style bathrooms. Keep your flooring as neutral as possible, so it doesn’t detract from the beautiful accessories you have chosen.


Choosing accessories for your bathroom can either make or break your space. The key to Japandi is minimalism, and this goes for your accessories. Plants make a great addition, but choose those with different shades of green rather than multiple colours, as this could detract from your room. Find matching and minimal soap dishes, loo brushes and toilet roll holders so your bathroom becomes symmetrical and blended.


We know you are likely to want to keep as many products as you can in your bathroom, and let’s face it, who can blame you. We use this room to shower, bathe, relax, dry ourselves, get ready and store cleaning products. But if you genuinely want to embrace the Japandi style bathroom, it’s time to let go of the extra products cluttering your tranquil space. Opt for beautiful but minimal bathroom storage and find another area to keep most of your items.

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The Aylesbury Bathroom Centre can help you achieve the perfect look

A bathroom is a place where people go to relax and unwind, but it can also be a source of stress and annoyance if the decor isn’t the way you would like it. The fact that bathrooms are different in every home makes them an exciting project to design, and there are ways to turn them into relaxing yet functional spaces. Japandi style bathrooms are where two seemingly different worlds collide, giving you a bathroom that you will never want to leave.

If you have the perfect Japandi style bathroom design ready, why not speak to the Aylesbury Bathroom Centre to see what appliances and storage products we have that could perfect your space? Whether you want to purchase your products and install them independently or you need the support of our trusted installation team, we are sure we can help you create the perfect bathroom in 2022.

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