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An introduction to 4D reality in bathroom designs

We all know how exciting it can be to plan your new bathroom. Taking inspiration from social media platforms, magazines and colours you have seen dotted around is the first step in planning your bathroom designs, but where do you go from here? You may wish to consider working with a local bathroom design and installation team to achieve your perfect bathroom look, but how will you know if your bathroom looks perfect until it’s already installed and too late?

Aylesbury Bathroom Centre are combatting these worries by offering a cutting-edge bathroom design option – viewing and testing your bathroom before it’s installed using 4D virtual reality. This month, we give you all the information you need about the technology we use and how it could transform the future of bathroom designs and installation.

Perfecting your bathroom designs before installing

Your bathroom designs need to be perfect for you and your family. Investing in a new bathroom is an expensive project, and you will want to know that your bathroom is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Working with a reliable bathroom company will offer you a chance to get the bathroom of your dreams, but where do you start?

Your bathroom designs company will pay a visit to your home to understand your bathroom, take any required measurements and use this as a chance to identify any limitations in your current room. From here, you will give your designer all your ideas and inspirations so they can go away and create an excellent design for you.

Once you have seen the designs, either by rendered images or floor plans and layouts, traditionally, you would make any amendments, accept the design and your installation would begin. Whilst this has always worked reasonably well for homeowners across the UK, we are now starting to ask for more before we get to the installation stage.

We want to see our bathroom in working order, immerse ourselves in the bathroom designs and view every aspect in complete detail before moving to the installation stage. Your virtual reality stage sits between the design and installation process and aims to give you an immersive experience of your bathroom before it’s installed. This is where 4D virtual reality could make all the difference in bathroom designs.

The benefits of using 4D virtual reality in bathroom designs

There are many benefits to viewing your bathroom in 4D before any designs are signed off and your bathroom is installed. Not only will you immerse yourself in your dream bathroom fully, but you will also be able to interact with cupboards, walk into your shower and stand in your new bathtub! See below for other benefits you will get from using our 4D virtual reality bathroom designs.

Save money

We all know that your bathroom designs can end up being costly, with some bathrooms costing tens of thousands of pounds. Don’t wait until your bathroom is installed to find that the colours don’t match your suite, or you don’t like the tiles in conjunction with the fixtures and fittings. 4D virtual reality reduces the risk of you spending more money than you need to by giving you the chance to experience your bathroom designs before it’s been installed.

Reduce stress

Not only can you waste money by waiting until your bathroom has been installed to find out you are not happy with it, but it can also bring worry and stress into your life during the project. 4D virtual reality aims to combat this and reduce the stress you may be facing by giving you the chance to spend time in your new bathroom from the comfort of our Aylesbury Bathroom Centre showroom.

View your bathroom designs in action

One of the most fun and exciting aspects of using 4D virtual reality to see your bathroom designs is seeing your bathroom in action! Spend time getting to know your bathroom, interact with your cabinets and bathroom suite, make your final changes and be completely happy with your results.

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Aylesbury Bathroom Centre offers a unique bathroom experience

Aylesbury Bathroom Centre is renowned for our world-class bathroom designs and customer service, and we are proud to be able to offer you an extra step in your bathroom designs and installation journey.

We are one of the only bathroom centres providing a 4D virtual reality bathroom experience outside London. This service is available to all our clients with a bathroom designed by our team. Simply book a virtual reality appointment in our showroom and let our team take you on a journey.

We want you to be immersed in your experience, feel like you are in your bathroom at home, and be able to visualise better what it will be like to be in your bathroom. Aylesbury Bathroom Centre looks forward to working with you on your bathroom designs project soon!

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