5 things to consider before your bathroom renovation in 2022

bathroom renovation

Decide on your bathroom renovation budget

If your bathroom needs an upgrade, you may be considering starting a bathroom renovation. But how much do you really need to upgrade your bathroom, and what else should you be thinking about before you start? Before you go ahead with the project, you will need to understand your budget, style ideas and have some sort of design in mind.

This month, Aylesbury Bathroom Centre gives you the advice and guidance you need before starting a bathroom renovation, so you don’t miss anything! There should be no reason for your bathroom renovation costs to go crazy and spiral out of control – the trick is in the planning. With plenty of ways to get the bathroom of your dreams without spending a small fortune, where do you start planning and how do you know if you have remembered everything.

Consider the following before you begin:

  • Your bathroom size
  • What level of bathroom renovation do you need?
  • What materials would you like to use?
  • Your existing plumbing condition
  • Finding the perfect bathroom suite

What sort of space do you have available?

Traditionally, the bathroom tends to be the smallest room in the house. Increasingly, we see the bathroom become a bigger space, with extra room for added relaxation and luxury. If you are stuck with a small bathroom, you may wish to consider expanding the room by taking some space from interconnecting bedrooms. If you don’t have this option to hand, there are some clever ways to achieve perfection with the space you already have – but intelligent bathroom design is key.

Consider the current layout for your bathroom – is your bathtub working where it is, or could it be moved? Do you have an additional shower space that could be combined with the bath to make more room? Recording accurate measurements mean you will know precisely what floor space you have to work with, and you can eliminate anything that doesn’t work. If you choose to work with our bathroom designers, they will give you the advice and guidance you need to make your bathroom more compatible with your desired living space, and they will plan it for you for the ultimate design.

Make use of the natural light and heating sources

Is your bathroom bright and airy, or do you not have any natural light coming in? Good ventilation is vital in any bathroom to avoid condensation buildup and mould. If you have access to great natural light, this will work well combined with vents and keep your bathroom a mould-free zone! If you don’t have existing windows in your bathroom and you cannot add any, this will change the way your artificial lighting works and your ventilation.

Another element to consider is the heating in your bathroom. There is nothing worse than stepping out of the shower or bath and instantly freezing! Gone are the traditional days of using radiators to warm our bathrooms. Homeowners are instead opting for heated towel rails that give their bathroom a warm feeling and keep the towels toasty warm until you are ready to use them. Our heated towel rails come in various options, sizes and designs, so you are sure to find something that works.

Choosing your bathroom suite and accessories

The best part about bathroom renovation is choosing your suite and any accessories you will want to include. As your bathroom suite is the most prominent element in your room, you will need to make sure it works for your space and style, or you could be disappointed with the results. Think about the available area and the colours that you feel would work best depending on your style. Are you looking for a contemporary and modern feel, or are you aiming for a traditional and country style look?

At Aylesbury Bathroom Centre, we are proud of the fully working showroom we have available. Customers can visit our showroom and test taps, feel the pressure from jacuzzi baths, and see fully working complete bathrooms. We encourage all of our customers to spend time looking at the available options so they can find the bathroom suite style that meets their needs perfectly.

Picking a colour and tile design to finish your look

So you have the perfect bathroom suite, you know the space you have available, and you are ready to put the finishing touches on your room. Before buying plants and towels, you need to consider your floor and wall tiles and your colour! Tiles are the perfect option in any bathroom for many reasons.

They are hardwearing and durable, meaning they will last for a long time. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain, and they are waterproof – very much needed after a long shower or dip in the bath!

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Aylesbury Bathroom Centre can support your bathroom renovation project

Bathroom renovations are a lot of work, and many people planning to take on this task, are not sure what to consider before starting the project. Many things need to get prepared, from the budget to the final product. When you are planning to start a bathroom renovation, not only can Aylesbury Bathroom Centre can give you the necessary advice, but we can help you design and even install your new bathroom.

Offering the latest design software, Aylesbury Bathroom Centre is one of the only bathroom showrooms outside of London to provide its clients with a virtual reality experience of their completed bathroom design. Put on the headset and immerse yourself in your new bathroom, where you will be able to get a feel for the space and even interact with cupboards, taps and seats. Take advantage of our design software today and book a consultation with the team.

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